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Click the link below to register for the 2023/2024 Rep Program



The Rep Basketball Program offers opportunities to layers who wish to take their game to a higher level. The focus of the rep program will be on skill and team development.  It will consist of weekly practices and participation in a number of Ontario Basketball sponsored tournaments. Players at the Rep level must demonstrate skill, athleticism and a strong commitment to learning the game of basketball. Teams will play 20 - 30 games against each season.  In 2022/2023, our teams will be competing in the Ontario Basketball League.

We are offering a House League 3 x 3 to warm up.They are a chance for any player to get on the court in a non-evaluative format before tryouts.


Sept 27 /29 - cost for both sessions is $20 to cover gym costs.

Girls 5pm Boys 645pm


The teams will be the following:

U10 Boys (2014/2015)

U11 Boys (2013)

U13 Boys (2011/2012)

U11 Girls (2013/2014)

U14 Girls (2010, 2011, 2012)

U15 Girls (2009/2010)

Please note U15 Boys will be starting up in 2024, the OBL season starts in March for them. If you are interested, please email




Rep programs are intended for athletes who are committed and serious about playing basketball at a competitive level. We believe that multi-sport athletes are the best athletes, and we make every attempt to work with other sports organizations to minimize conflicts.  We hope that players have a 1A sport and a 1B sport, not a first and second sport.  For example, if a player misses their other sport due to a basketball game or tournament, we fully support that player choosing their other sport the next time a conflict occurs.




During the season teams will practice 2-3 times a week on Monday,Wednesday and/or Friday nights and play 20 - 30 games in a season.




We take pride in trying to run our teams with as minimal cost to each player as possible. THE COST OF REGISTRATION IS $450.  What do you get for that money?


- practice jersey

- warm up jersey

- OBA registration

- OBA player insurance

- practice gym times

- exhibition games

- league games

- tournament entry fees


Costs of hotel and travel to tournaments is an additional expense players will need to pay over the course of the season.




Q: My child also plays a second sport during the winter, can they try out?
A: ABSOLUTELY!  We think that multi-sport athletes are the best kind.  Our coaches will work with you and your child to minimize conflicts.


Q: Is it really only $450 to register to play a rep sport?
A: ABSOLUTELY!  There are some additional costs related to travel and accommodations at the season progresses, but we take great pride in offering a low registration cost that has not increased in the past 5 years!


Q: Do players need prior experience to try out for a rep team?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!  One of our rep program objectives is individual skill development, so it doesn't matter what level a player starts at, only that they are willing to work hard to improve each and every time on the court.


For any further information regarding the rep program, or if you are able to help coach or manage a team, please contact us at

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